Transforming the Pace of Innovation at Alnylam

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“Without Paradigm4, we did not have another way of looking at the data we had available. We would not have been able to do the depth of analysis that we would need to make those discoveries. The alternatives are just not equipped to be able to go into the data in the way that we did.”

Our latest case study with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals demonstrates how we helped them to discover novel targets and insights using our integrative analytics platform.

REVEAL helps pharmaceutical companies like Alnylam discover novel targets in weeks and move more quickly into clinical trials by:

  • Simplifying their data access, with dimensionally accessed storage for complex and multimodal data
  • Increasing their productivity with apps, not R&D operating systems or ecosystems
  • Speeding up their computations by over 100 to 1,000 times with automated and Reducing R&D FTE and cloud costs.

Download the case study to discover more about how we empowered Alnylam’s innovation, and how REVEAL can boost your discovery efforts, too.

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