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with the REVEAL analytical solutions platform

Outsmart the competition with the uncommon ability to connect multimodal datasets to REVEAL™ successful targets and biomarkers on budget.

Increased productivity + faster hypothesis testing

The REVEAL™ platform and solutions transform the pace of daily research. Connect and analyze complex multimodal data sets with low code to no code intuitive, scientist-informed APIs for highly automated exploration and computing.

FAIR. Secure. Scalable. Extensible.

Our evidence-building analytics platform connects datasets, enabling you to reach your next breakthrough faster and easily reproduce the results.

Partners in Innovation

Alnylam recognized us in their 2022 Annual Report as one of their “best of the best” strategic partners. They’ve discovered new targets and new indications using our platform.

“We’ve discovered insights that we wouldn’t have known without this system. Paradigm4’s platform is the foundation of our target discovery efforts. There’s just no way we would have been able to do this without P4. The alternatives are just not equipped to be able to go into the data in the way that we did.”

Paul Nioi, V.P., Discovery and Translational Research, Alnylam

Publications & Papers

We have numerous peer-reviewed papers from pharma customers and Paradigm4 collaborators.

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ASHG: Exploring the genotypic and phenotypic significance of Polycystic Kidney Disease-2 (PKD2) variants in the UK Biobank using REVEAL.

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Genome mining yields new disease-associated ROMK variants with distinct defects

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Extracting insights from abundant data: a comparison of scientific data management and computing platforms for ease of use, scalability, and cost of ownership

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Examination of a methylation-driven breast cancer gene panel using UK Biobank, TCGA, and single cell Human Cell Atlas datasets – presented at the American Society of Human Genetics Conference 2022.