Scientific Collaboration,
with a Focus on Impact


A customer of ours once said “P4 helps pharma answer big, gnarly questions.” And that’s exactly what we’re wired to do: Make sure you get to done. As much as the bioinformatics, data science, medical, and IT journeys to the finish line are satisfying, we know it’s the finish line – the answers to those expensive questions – that are the definition of success for life sciences. We put the workflows, offerings, and collaboration in place to make that happen.

Workflow & Data

The REVEAL™ platform of solutions transform the pace of daily research. Connect and analyze complex multimodal data sets with low-code to no-code intuitive, scientist-informed APIs for highly automated exploration and computing.
Get up and running immediately with specific market-prioritized research use cases solutions packages, including GUIs, R and Python APIs, and notebooks with extensive documentation. And built-in, automated elastic computing provides the most cost effective solution on the market.

Our Complete Tech Stack

Collaboration Model

Ensuring you have all the help – and autonomy – you need, we get you started, remain on-call, and can engage via a fractional or SOW model as well. You get a group of individuals skilled in both bioinformatics and computer science, complemented by a platform development team.