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We are computer engineers and bioinformaticians committed to optimizing scientific data management and computing on all fronts—speed, ease-of-use, cost, and reproducibility.

We have spent years working closely with users as trusted partners to deliver solutions that cut the daily science friction of data management and scalable computing.

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“We continue to marvel at Paradigm4’s ability to manage the ever-growing complexities in the day-to-day work of incorporating new genetics tool sets and the constant expansion of novel, diverse phenotypic data. They have transformed the pace of our daily research.”

–  Greg Hinkle, V.P., Research Informatics, Alnylam

Transcending Universal Data Stores

While we started with multidimensional array database technology from Turing Award laureate MIT Professor Mike Stonebraker’s lab, we realized that there was no universal data store that does it all. So we built a contemporary cloud tech stack that neatly integrates efficient storage and high performance computing for structured data, unstructured data, graphs, images and the many specialty file formats typical in bioinformatics.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to enable scientists to “think different,” in the words of Steve Jobs, through our innovative platform that brings together the best of data generating instruments, public data collection initiatives—from population data sets to cell atlases and ontologies—and software technology. Working in partnership with our users, we will continue to expand the computational and machine-learning capabilities that will drive innovation forward uniquely and powerfully.


Marilyn Matz

CEO & Co-founder

Stu Heilsberg

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Cosgrove

Chief Revenue Officer

Gary Planthaber


Michael Stonebreaker

Co-founder, Turing Laureate

Jason Kinchen

VP Engineering and CISO

Kriti Sen Sharma

Ph.D., Director, Customer Solutions

Matt Peterson

Ph.D., Director, Life Science Applications

Dana Wojtasinski

Sr. Director, Business Development

Srikant Sarangi

Ph.D., Bioinformatics Specialist

Matt Calabro

Head of Finance & HR

Barry Katz

Head of Talent

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Why Work at Paradigm4?

Join us to turn innovation into impact.

We are keen to hear from talented, curious, and engaged people who want to break new ground in computer science, bioinformatics, and life science sales and marketing. Please reach out and let us know why Paradigm4 resonates with you, and let’s begin the conversation. 

Paradigm4 is a place where you will have a direct impact as well as a stake in our journey. We’re a very open group of seasoned professionals who enjoy working together to solve some of the most challenging problems in the scientific marketplace. 

Remote contributors welcome.

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Examination of a methylation-driven breast cancer gene panel using UK Biobank, TCGA, and single cell Human Cell Atlas datasets – presented at the American Society of Human Genetics Conference 2022.