Paradigm4 Launches REVEAL: Proteomics to Transform the Search for Protein Isoform Biomarkers

BOSTON — Paradigm4 has today unveiled REVEAL™: Proteomics, the newest use case specific app powered by the Paradigm4 FLASH™ high-performance bioinformatics platform.

REVEAL: Proteomics unlocks the power of advanced mass spec proteomics by simplifying cross sample and cross study searching for protein isoforms as potential biomarkers for drug response or disease progression. REVEAL: Proteomics directly addresses the time-consuming data science challenge of preparing individual data sets for analysis, manual curation of identities, and the limitations of how many samples can be compared. The REVEAL: Proteomics app allows hypothesis testing in seconds across an unlimited number of studies. The new application aims to streamline disease research with integrated protein-gene mappings between HUGO and ENSEMBL ontologies, enabling analysis in an ad hoc manner without connecting to external websites.

REVEAL: Proteomics is built on top of Paradigm4’s FLASH next generation analytics platform, designed for rapid data slicing to enable scientific data modelling, storage, and population-scale computation. The efficient storage architecture of FLASH and Paradigm4’s focus on optimal execution speed means the total cost of ownership (TCO) is predicable, and significantly lower than other bioinformatics ecosystem approaches. REVEAL: Proteomics ensures that data and analysis are shareable with colleagues globally through Paradigm4’s high-throughput elastic file system, flexFS.

Paradigm4’s REVEAL apps are a suite of use case-specific applications that power discovery from population-scale to small studies. Other apps developed by Paradigm4 include REVEAL: Single Cell, which enables users to build a multidimensional understanding of disease biology, scale to handle more samples from patients, with more cells, and readily assess key biological hypotheses for target evaluation, disease progression, and precision medicine.

Zachary Pitluk, Ph.D., VP of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Paradigm4, commented: “REVEAL: Proteomics makes the use of protein isoforms practical for understanding diseases and drug response. It allows the testing of hypotheses against your entire collection of studies and the broad range of conditions and treatments. REVEAL: Proteomics truly enables protein isoform biomarker discovery and use.”

“Our high-performance computing platform empowers data scientists to perform deeper analysis in an ad hoc manner. The REVEAL: Proteomics app is the latest addition to our suite of REVEAL applications, as we look to make it easier for researchers to search and access their proteomic data and transform the discovery of new biomarkers.”

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About Paradigm4

Paradigm4 translates bioinformatics data into real-world discoveries. Its high-performance data management and scalable computing solutions are being used by pharma and biotech companies to uncover new insights in a way that is both interactive and cost-effective. The integrative platform allows users to interrogate and explore data for discovery, as well as facilitating ad hoc analysis. With the REVEAL suite of extensible cloud-driven apps, users can power massively scalable analytics and machine-learning on multimodal data to propel their drug discovery.


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