Accelerate Your Program With Paradigm4’s Agile Solution Services

We’ll help you get going, get answers, and multiply your team’s productivity. On time and well-developed solutions are the hallmarks of Paradigm4’s customer solutions team.

We partner with you

One customer said: “P4 helps pharma answer big, gnarly questions. The fact that they can do this REPEATEDLY should be showcased."

We deliver as committed

Top 10 Pharma Program Manager for a new program: “Paradigm4 knocked this project out of the park and exceeded expectations on timeline and quality of work….you guys have been rock stars on a very challenging project.”

We’re productive

In the words of a Technical Product Manager: “I attend so many meetings every week where stuff is run into the ground. It is refreshing to attend these meetings [with P4] where work actually gets done.”

We’re responsive

Another Top 20 Pharma customer said: “You are always quick to respond to issues we have and investigate and prioritize as they come up. You respond faster than other people inside our company.”

Our Team

Our Solutions team has extensive experience and advanced degrees in bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, population genetics, image and signal processing, applied mathematics, machine-learning, scalable parallel computing, R, Python, databases, and cloud computing.

Service your way:
Custom Projects or Team Augmentation

Custom Projects

Engage a Solutions Architect for a custom project. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, develop a statement of work, and quote based on scope and resources. We’ll meet weekly to deliver as committed.

Team Augmentation

Expand your team and increase their productivity with a full-time dedicated Paradigm4 Solutions Architect. Get flexibility for R&D programs where the priorities, issues, and requirements may change at some frequency during the course of the program. The Solutions Engineer meets weekly with the customer’s team to discuss what was accomplished the prior week, raise technical issues, get clarity on scientific requirements, talk through new requests, and review prioritization of tasks.


We offer Standard and Premium (24/7) support for REVEAL and flexFS with Service Level Guarantees.

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