REVEAL: An ISO-Certified Secure and Compliant Environment

GDPR makes governance and security a business-critical issue: GDPR violations can result in fines of up to 5% of gross revenues

Paradigm4’s provides complete data management that is trustworthy and easy to administer.

Our IAM integrates with your corporate SSO to tightly regulate access to all data in REVEAL , eliminating the risk from one-at-a-time, manual processes.


A Secure Environment on the Cloud

We’re committed to ensuring that all sensitive data is kept safe during its full lifecycle. This includes security vigilance and controls for data encryption, platform infrastructure security, and secure user authentication and access control.

We offer REVEAL and flexFS as managed SaaS platforms or installed on your VPC—behind your firewall—running on AWS or other commercial cloud providers. So your company inherits all the best practices of cloud policies, architecture, and data center operational processes built and maintained to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive customers. 

For even more security, we are also certified by Cyber Essentials. It’s an additional technical audit of in-scope systems, which includes a series of on-site internal vulnerability scans and off-site external vulnerability scans.

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Compliance A Trustworthy Environment

We’re audited annually for ISO-27001 compliance. 

Equally important—we ensure that we remain in compliance. We run an automated security platform from Vanta to continuously and automatically monitor all our critical tools, services assets, employees, and vendors.

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Data Governance & Encryption

We are a trusted data processor, used by top pharmas and biotechs for their clinical and research data as well as for public data sets like Our Future Health and the UK Biobank for which they’ve signed MTAs. 

Data are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Identity and Access Management

Paradigm4 gives you the fine-granularity control to manage access levels for all your shared data assets – from public datasets to the most restricted proprietary data. Tight controls are implemented around authentication and encryption key storage. 

Don’t leave anything to chance. Use a well-honed solution for managing permissions.

Identity & Access Management

User Authentication SSO

Connect to your company’s IAM 

Support for role-based permissions management via group membership

Namespaces group and version data and results, providing role-based access control for user-defined collections of datasets

Precision Access for Higher Resolution Access Control

Paradigm4’s Secure_Scan provides granular control at the slice level within each array

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Examination of a methylation-driven breast cancer gene panel using UK Biobank, TCGA, and single cell Human Cell Atlas datasets – presented at the American Society of Human Genetics Conference 2022.